COLISEUM, The Games of Rome
"Coliseum, the Games of Rome", is the live action show that will make you fully live the games of ancient Rome.

You will witness gladiator fights, fire shows, exotic dancing, chariot races,  and many more surprises in a spectacular staging show.

Marcus Ulpius, the main character of the show will have to overcome all the games prepard by the evil consul Domitian to earn his freedom. He will have the help of Princess Cleopatra, with whom he will live a passionate love story.

"Coliseum, The Games of Rome" was released on October 4 at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. A large staging that meant several months of preparation. The show has an original soundtrack composed and orchestrated by composer Marc Timón.


With more than 300 people involved (actors, stunts, assistants, technicians, extras, …), 22 horses, 18 great columns, a great spina 30m long and a huge stand 12m large, Coliseum, is one of the biggest shows ever made to recreate the Games in the Colosseum.



Title: Coliseum, the Games of Rome.
Kind of show: Live action show.
Production: Drakonia.
Length: 2 hours.
Audience: All audiences.

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Photography: Irina Arché, Stephan Avdjian, Oscar Araujo, Pedro LIghtAngel, Xavier Llop, Ramiro Menéndez, Paul Fauchille, David Riscos, Duncan Trisquel, M.A. Izquierdo.

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