This spacious place is where Drakonia exposes the weapons used by our stunts in the medieval fight performances. The weapons are "real", forged in iron and steel, as they were in the Middle Ages. Visitors can admire and check the weight and characteristics of the swords and shields used by our knights.



But the medieval camp is not just an exhibition, this part of the fair is decorated with medieval tents, banners, flags, props and medieval scenery.



At the camp we'll also find the soldiers who will kindly answer all the questions from the audience concerning the medieval world and they will give explanations about all the items on display.

Photography: Irina Arché, Stephan Avdjian, Oscar Araujo, Pedro LIghtAngel, Xavier Llop, Ramiro Menéndez, Paul Fauchille, David Riscos, Duncan Trisquel, M.A. Izquierdo.

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