A fun animation with the characters of the executioner, the prisoner, the knight and the hunchback.
The prisoner, chained, is led by the executioner to the town square where he will be executed.



But the chained hero will not make it easy and will escape causing a great stir through the streets of the village.
The executioner, with his big ax will try to catch him but it will be the knight, with his whip, who will finally capture him again.


A very funny animation where the prisoner asks the public for help to escape from the chains that hold him.

Photography: Irina Arché, Stephan Avdjian, Oscar Araujo, Pedro LIghtAngel, Xavier Llop, Ramiro Menéndez, Paul Fauchille, David Riscos, Duncan Trisquel, M.A. Izquierdo.

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